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Range Hood Back-wind Diagnostics and Solutions

If your range hood is improperly installed, you might have the Back-wind or Lack of suction powerproblem, which can also cause incompetent performance of the range hood. We are providing you an instruction of the most common made problems during installation and the simple solutions regarding to this issue.

1. Check Function BEFORE Installation:
Check the function of the range hood PRIOR to installation. Most of our range hoods are of the plug-in type, making it easy to grab a free outlet or extension cord and run through the basic functions of the unit. The purpose of this test is to make sure the motors are working properly which will not causing back wind or lack of suction power. If the motor doesn’t run properly or the wind blow the opposite way, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll do a timely product exchange.
2. Check 6” Duct Outlet:
The 6” black color air outlet hole on top of the range hood is sealed with tape for packaging purpose. Please make sure the tape is removed before installation.
3. Check External Duct Termination:
An outside external duct that exits through a side wall should end with a duct cap, while roof-mounted ducts are sometimes terminated with a "U" shaped elbow, allowing the air to exit while keeping out the rain and snow. Make sure the cap or the flapper is not blocked or jammed. Also check the duct pipe is not blocked by things, such as dead bird, dead mouse, bird nest, etc. Otherwise, it may cause problem which is back wind or lack of suction power. It's important to have a damper (also called "back draft" or "airflow controller") at the end of the duct. The damper keeps outside air from back-flowing into the duct, as well as keeping out unpleasant surprises in the form of birds, insects, and squirrels.
Service Charge on Professional Examination
If your range hood is already installed, please remove all your duct work and do the first examination step as mentioned above to address the causation. For any service that is not caused by product defect, there will be a basic service charge of ($50) which includes labor and gasoline. For further location, additional cost will be added based on distance.


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